Business Environment in India

Some Aspects

Edited by: Bishnupriya Mishra, R.K. Uppal

India's business environment has improved considerably after the initiation of economic reforms in early 1990s. Domestic and foreign investors are finding it easier to do business after the reforms, which are aimed at reorientation of the centrally-controlled economy to a market-oriented one in order to foster greater efficiency and growth. This is being done by introducing greater competition in the economy through progressive internal deregulation accompanied by foreign direct investment and trade liberalization. However, the turmoil which surfaced in the US financial system has also adversely hit the Indian economy. Compared to other emerging economies, India has several strengths that can help mitigate the adverse effects of the global economic crisis. In spite of the global meltdown, Indian economy offers ample opportunities for business, both to the domestic and foreign entrepreneurs. This work contains 21 research papers dealing with various aspects of current business scenario in India, and it examines the economic policies of India's government.

307 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177082135