Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring in India

Procedures and Case Studies

By Rachna Jawa

The corporate sector in India is undergoing structural changes as a result of liberalization, privatization, and the openness policies of the government since the early 1990s. Competitive pressures are high, not only because of deregulation, but also due to globalization. Along with the rise in the number of merger and acquisition deals, the amount involved in such deals has risen over time. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions are becoming popular as transnational corporations take advantage of widespread liberalization and deregulation in an effort to gain market shares, consolidate operations, improve efficiency, and dilute the costs associated with investing in research and development. This book examines the procedures and processes involved in financial restructuring of Indian companies through mergers and acquisitions. It contains 10 case studies of restructuring through mergers and acquisitions that have taken place during the last decade. The work, based on extensive statistical exercises, brings out the major issues that actually crop up in a restructuring exercise. The book will enhance understanding of the subject which has assumed added significance in the wake of liberalization sweeping across the world.

257 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177082104