Monetary, Banking and Financial Developments in India

1947-48 to 2009-10

By Niti Bhasin

Money, banking, and finance are the nerve center of an economy. They cover the whole gamut of legal and institutional arrangements, financial intermediaries, financial markets, and instruments with both domestic and external dimensions. This book explains and examines the changes which have swept India's monetary, banking, and financial sectors since independence in 1947, with a focus on the post-1991 period. Part I deals with money, monetary policy, globalization, and the changing functions of central banks worldwide. It also focuses on the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and its monetary and credit policies, particularly in the context of price stability and flow of credit to priority sectors of the economy. Part II traces the evolution and the present status of various financial intermediaries in India. The areas covered include commercial banks, co-operative banks, development finance institutions, non-banking financial companies, and mutual funds. Part III begins with the role of the financial system in economic development. It traces the evolution of India's financial system since independence, explains its present structure, and provides glimpses of its future development. Furthermore, it gives an account of the various components of financial markets in India - money market, government securities market, capital market, insurance market, and foreign exchange market - and explains recent measures to make them globally competitive. Part IV focuses on the global meltdown and its impact on India. Policy measures taken by the government of India, the RBI , and the Securities and Exchange Board of India are also highlighted. Additionally, the book contains appendices summarizing monetary policy statements of the RBI, an annual review of money and prices in India from 1947-48 to 2008-09, an annual review of banking and financial developments in India from 1947-48 to 2008-09, and a glossary of financial terms.

604 pages

Publication Date: 7/31/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177082067

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