Women, Working Conditions and Efficiency

The Indian Experience

Edited by: Veena Gandotra, Sarjoo Patel

The study of anatomical, physiological, and psychological aspects of human beings in their working environment is important to ensure that the work fits the job to the individual rather than the individual to the job. In a semi-industrialized country like India, the working class is one of the weakest sections of society. With society being male-dominated, women workers receive poor recognition/value. It is not that there are no statutory provisions to ensure fair working conditions for women in India. In fact, the Constitution of India provides equal rights and opportunities to both the genders. In addition, there are specific provisions for protection and welfare of working women in many of the labor laws. Unfortunately, most of these legislations do not cover agriculture and units in small and informal sectors which are the predominant workplaces of women. This book looks at the working conditions of women in India. It examines in detail the activities and work methods of women workers.

216 pages

Publication Date: 2/18/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081978