Iran and Post-9/11 World Order

Reflections on Iranian Nuclear Programme

Edited by: Anwar Alam

Recent years have witnessed an intensification of international debate on the Iranian nuclear program. This book enriches the understanding of the nuclear program that Iran claims is meant for peaceful purposes, though Western powers remain suspicious of the Iranian intent and appear to be determined to block its nuclear ambition. The book situates the discourse and international debates concerning the nature of Iran's nuclear program within the emerging contour of a post 9/11 world order. Within this framework, it captures the orientations, engagements, and responses of the major world powers, as well as the regional powers, towards Iran. Contents include: (PART I: IRAN AND MAJOR POWERS) Iranian Nuclear Policy: A Historical Overview . American Debate on Iran's Nuclear Program . The European Union and Iran . Russian-Iranian Relations in the Contemporary World . Sino-Iranian Relations: Cobbling up a United Front . India, Iran and US in Post-9/11 Period - (PART II: IRAN AND REGIONAL POWERS) Iranian Nuclear Program: Regional Responses . Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Bomb . Israel's Perception of Iranian Nuclear Program . Iran's Nuclear Program: Turkey's Perception and Response.

224 pages

Publication Date: 2/18/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081909