Micro Finance and Rural Development in India

Edited by: S.K. Das, B. P. Nanda, J. Rath

Rural development is primarily concerned with addressing the needs of the rural poor in the matter of sustainable economic activities. The alleviation of rural poverty can be achieved by identifying income-generating activities with a focus on micro finance as the basic input for socio-economic development. The role of micro finance in eradication of poverty was stressed by the United Nations' Economic and Social Council in 1997, in which the Council called for the strengthening of micro credit institutions. Micro Finance and Rural Development in India contains papers and articles by researchers, social scientists, and academics. Topics - ranging from the concept of micro finance, self-help groups, issues in rural credit delivery system, bank linkage programs, rural development, and related matters - have been examined and policy measures are suggested for helping the rural poor. This book will be useful for planners, policy makers, administrators, academics, social scientists, teachers, and students interested in micro finance as a tool of rural development.

163 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081879