Women Entrepreneurship in India

By R. Vasanthagopal, Santha S.

Women entrepreneurship has gained momentum in recent decades with the increase in the number of women's enterprises and their substantive contribution to economic growth. In this dynamic world, women entrepreneurs are an important part of the global quest for sustained economic development and social progress. The industrial performance of the Asia-Pacific region - propelled by foreign direct investment, technological innovations, and manufactured exports - has brought a wide range of economic and social opportunities to women entrepreneurs. In India, though women have played a key role in society, their entrepreneurial ability has not been properly tapped due to the lower status of women in society. It is only from India's Fifth Five Year Plan (1974-78) and onward that their role has been explicitly recognized with a marked shift in the approach from welfare to the development and empowerment of women. The development of women entrepreneurship has become an important aspect of India's priorities. Several policies and programs are being implemented for the development of women entrepreneurship. This book looks at the various dimensions of women entrepreneurship in India. It also examines the experience of other countries in this regard.

275 pages

Publication Date: 9/24/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081824