Indian Agriculture

Challenges of Globalisation

Edited by: A. Vinayak Reddy, M. Yadagira Charyulu

The largest portion of India's natural resources consists of land and by far the largest number of its inhabitants is engaged in agriculture. Therefore, in any scheme of the economic development of India, agriculture holds a position of basic importance. The agricultural sector occupies a key position in the Indian economy and provides employment to about 65 per cent of the working population. The economic development process guided by the market-driven parameters has benefited select sections of society. However, the fruits of liberalization and globalization have not percolated down to the agricultural and rural sectors sufficiently. The farming community is, by and large, in crisis due to a non-protective attitude of the government. Agriculture has become unviable with liberalized imports, global competitiveness, and the volatile nature of market prices. In spite of recent corrective measures, the farming community is in distress and farmers' suicides are taking place unabatedly in different parts of the country, particularly in southern states. This book contains agricultural impact research findings by scholars specializing in different aspects of Indian agriculture.

346 pages

Publication Date: 6/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081718