India's Oilseeds Economy

By A. Vinayak Reddy

India has made satisfactory progress in raising the production of grains, fruits, vegetables, sugar, and other plantation crops. However, a shortfall in the production of oilseeds has been a concern for some time. Edible oil is an essential commodity, more so when a large majority of Indians are vegetarians and animal fats cannot be used as a substitute. The Technology Mission on Oilseeds (1986) achieved some initial success, but the continued expansion in population has caused demand for edible oils to rise above what the domestic output is able to meet. This book examines the current concerns over the shortfall in India's oilseed production. Raising domestic production of oilseeds has the following serious limitations: (1) a lack of any genetic advance in technology in evolving high productivity seeds, (2) the compulsion of raising oilseeds on non-irrigated soils, (3) a low productivity per hectare which can never match rice/wheat productivity levels even if grown on irrigated soil, and (4) a high risk in losing production due to extreme sensitivity of oilseed crops to adverse weather conditions.

250 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2007
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081305