Communication Services in India - 1947-2007

Edited by: Vishal Sethi

Development of communication services has been assigned due priority in India's Five Year Plans beginning with the launching of First Five Year Plan on April 1, 1951. The New Telecom Policy (NTP), announced in 1999, modified the NTP of 1994 to take into account the far-reaching technological developments taking place globally in the telecom sector, and implementation of the government's resolve to make India a global IT superpower. NTP, 1999 also sought to solve problems arising out of the implementation of NTP, 1994. The telecom sector in India has been witnessing a continuous process of reforms since 1991. Part I of this study provides a detailed description and analysis of the evolution and the present nature of communication services in India. Part II of the book reproduces edited extracts on communication from India's Five Year Plans. Part III contains recent policy announcements pertaining to communication services.

282 pages

Publication Date: 9/12/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081220