India: Manpower, Employment Policy and Labour Welfare, 1947 to 2007

Edited by: K. Narindar Jetli

This book examines the whole gamut of labour related issues during the post-Independence period. The approach to the subject is mainly descriptive, interspersed by comments at places. The book is organised into three Parts. Part I provides a comprehensive introduction to various facets of Indian labour since 1947. It describes demographic trends, employment policies and strategies, constitutional provisions, legal framework, and institutions pertaining to labour and its welfare, current labour policy issues, labour laws pertaining to women and their empowerment and approaches of WTO and India on matters related to labour. Glimpses of India?s Five Year Plans from First Five Year Plan (1951-56) to Tenth Five Year Plan (2002-07) are also presented.

536 pages

Publication Date: 6/15/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177081121