Knowledge-based Systems in Banking Sector

By R.V. Kulkarni, B.L. Desai

In view of enhanced competition, the banking sector has already taken strides towards computerization and automation of their operations. However, this alone will not solve their problems in processing large amount of data and decision-making in scrutinizing and vetting proposals and projects for advances. It is difficult to handle loan proposals which need to be appraised from legal, technical, and economic angles. The need for electronic processing of loan proposals with the help of an expert system is obvious in the emerging scenario. This book explains recent developments in Indian banking. More specifically, it deals with how the experts in the field should take decisions in the process of evaluating a loan proposal, particularly small-scale industry term loans.

250 pages

Publication Date: 7/5/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788177080650

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