Family Life Education in India

Perspectives, Challenges, and Applications

Edited by: Aparajita Chowdhury, David K. Carson

Family has always been at the foundation of Indian society, and even contemporary people continue to take pride in the centrality of family life. But, the fast pace and all-embracing socio-political and economic changes in recent years are having a significant impact on individuals and families. In the age of electronic media, the Indian family is being exposed to ideas, ideals and lifestyles that are challenging the structure and stability of family as a social institution. Indian families are not well prepared or equipped to face the competitive and challenging world of today. Either, they are lacking correct information or receiving misinformation from dubious sources that are doing more harm than good. Young people are exposed to an entirely new pattern of living and a new set of mores, values and standards that are being widely accepted but which stand in contrast to those which were promoted by their parents and grandparents. Such a situation of Indian family calls for an education which can teach youth with regard to the knowledge, attitude and skills required for a successful family living. Family Life Education (FLE) has tremendous potentials to do so. Though the idea of FLE is relatively new to India but as part of a comprehensive mental health effort in India, it holds great promise as a keeper and restorer of the family unit. This book explores the range of marital and family difficulties, and examines how an FLE movement might take root in the context of the current mental health system and social service practice. It also discusses the content, scope and potential benefits of FLE training and services in meeting the tremendous needs of married couples and families. It is hoped that this book will fill an important gap in the Indian Family Science literature, and serve as a catalyst for needed changes in social policy and community development programmes.

344 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2006
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170339960