Quest for Human Rights

Edited by: Mohammad Shabbir

The book deals with numerous burning issues, concerning the protection and promotion of human rights. These are related to individual, groups, society, law and Constitution providing deep insight into the concept of social justice affecting scheduled castes, weaker sections, subjugated segments and minorities. It also focuses on poverty jurisprudence highlighting the problems of backward classes, weaker sections and minorities searching the ideal solution of their problems, and also suggesting acceptable and practical ways and means for tackling them successfully. The book examines diverse problematic issues from the touchstone of human rights jurisprudence adopting humanistic philosophy. It also aims to provide visionary light on law, the Constitution, weaker sections, women, minorities, scheduled castes and their development. The constitutional model of equality and fraternity, minority`s educational rights and their judicial interpretations, reservation in public and private sectors, human rights of oppressed segments, the issue of conversion within the framework of the Constitution of India, execution of the postulates of equality through legislative measures, devising development and IT for Human Rights measurements and torture as a challenge to the national human rights institutions with special reference to the role of National Human Rights Commission of India are examined logically. This book has potentiality of enriching human rights jurisprudence. Of course, this is a meaningful addition to the existing knowledge of human rights, social justice, law and Constitution.

344 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170339694

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