Disasters in India

Studies of Grim Reality

By Anu Kapur, Neeti

Disasters freely roam and reign in India. This is no longer the country where its people can claim a safe living. What is the aetiology that brews disasters? Which are the processes that perpetuate this rude stream of life? Who are at the sharp edge of disasters? What explains the spatial manifestation of disasters? Addressing these and similar other issues, the studies in this book demyth the popular belief that disasters are acts of nature. Mapping the space of disasters the book lays its foundation on a bedrock of facts that includes over 50 maps and almost 100 tables. Responding to a felt need to reach out to the victims of disasters in India, the studies take on the city and its dweller, the industry and its worker, the rail network and its passengers. The book does not claim that every Indian is a victim of disaster but it does reiterate the strong potential and eventuality of their becoming one. The grim reality exposed is that we the people of India have converted India into a land ensnared with disasters. CONTENTS 1. A Grim Reality 2. Delhi: A Disaster Prone National Capital 3. Greater Mumbai: Teaming with Disasters 4. Kolkata: A City on the Brink 5. Bhuj Earthquake: Rural-Urban Differentiation 6. Problematic City Space: Relocation of Hazardous Industries 7. Indian Railways: On Wheels of Death

304 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170339328