Changing Role of the Caste System

A Critique

By Sangeet Kumar

Despite the onset of liberalization and globalization caste has not loosened its grip on the Indian psyche and the socio-political realities. The book deals with the growth of caste system in historical perspective and its changing role in socio-religious contexts. The different facets of the caste system have been discussed in the light of the various studies done so far. The theories explaining its origin and its various attributes too have been critically examined. Besides, various reform movements which tried to make the caste system more forward-looking and vibrant have been analyzed. The book also discusses the various measures taken by the government to improve the socio-economic conditions of the depressed castes. Certain suggestions have also been given which may become the basis of further research on the caste system. The book is useful for students of sociology, researchers working on this significant social institution as well as for all others, including those appearing for competitive examinations. Both governmental and non-governmental organizations, working for promotion of caste harmony, can also get valuable insights from the book.

318 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338819

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