Information Science and Journalism

A Symbiosis

By Rabindra K. Mahapatra, Krushna C. Panda

Journalists who are attached to the institution of press are entrusted with the responsibility of keeping all people informed in the society by their news and views. The role played by the journalists in collecting information and reporting news is highly significant. In bringing facts to the public, they normally follow the path of truism and to do so they depend upon relevant, concrete and background information, possible causes and future consequences of the events or facts in their report. In order to collect and establish all these facts of vitality, they require several information sources including the library and information centre. In this study, the information needs and seeking behaviour of working journalists in Orissa have been analysed. Different dimensions of library use by different types of journalists have been depicted. How information is being used in their professional work is discussed in detail. The work has also identified the factors responsible for the growth and development of journalism in the state along with other attributes required to assess the problems and prospects of the whole spectrum of information system and services required by the working journalists. The work has duly discussed the concept of information in depth and its uses by people in general and the journalists in particular. This outstanding contribution to journalism and information science will certainly prove useful for journalists, students and researchers.

238 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338802