Ethics in Business

Concept, Cases and Context

By Ananda Das Gupta

Business cannot be dissociated from the society in which it exists and functions; it is an integral part of the human society. This 'holistic' view of business is another perception emerging in modern business philosophy. And business happens to be the most dominant and representative organ of the modern society. So, in an organic vision of business, it has to be viewed as an integral part of the economic, technological, social, political and cultural environment in which it functions. And this environment, and the forces of the environment, at once influences and is influenced by the social organs which constitute it. As there is a need for a new synthesis based on the integral wisdom of the East and West, we will be seeking for such a synthesis-a synthesis of the predominantly outer dynamism of the secular and scientific culture of the modern West and the predominantly inner dynamism of the ancient spiritual culture of the East. There are two visions of the new approach to management: First is a new vision of business based on an evolutionary humanism. Second is the possibility of business becoming an experimental workshop for a creative synthesis of ethics and management. This second possibility, if it becomes a reality, can provide the insights, learning, experience and the capabilities for a creative synthesis of East and West in business. This book is an attempt towards this direction in the area of ethical applications in business.

214 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2005
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338550