Social Development in Indian Subcontinent

By H.Y. Siddiqui

This book takes a fresh look at the process of development undertaken in the Indian subcontinent, particularly India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It questions the tall claims made by planners in these countries to achieve social development during the past fifty years. It also analyses the current economic, political and social realities in the three countries and what one can expect these to be in the near future. The book further argues that while changes have occurred in the three countries but overall these societies as such have not modernised. Not only the gender gap in accessing education, health, and economic and political participation remains very wide, the gap between rural and urban population in respect of economic opportunities and access to social services also continues to exist. Despite differences in the size of economy and nature of polity, the situation in the three countries is quite similar, with minor differences in achievements during the past fifty years. India has the advantage of being a more politically stable and economically stronger country, but it has also failed so far to achieve the goals of poverty eradication, universal literacy, and health for all. It is hoped that the book will raise issues of interest to policy makers, practitioners and scholars, to help them rethink their strategies of development, particularly in view of global economic and political changes.

296 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338406