Indian Diaspora in Asian and Pacific Regions

Culture, People, Interactions

By Lipi Ghosh, Ramakrishna Chatterjee

The word 'diaspora' suggests the idea of dispersal and fragmentation. That way, 'Indian diaspora' means Indian population outside India, particularly those who have migrated to foreign lands and in course of time abjured Indian citizenship. In other way, the term stands for the fragments of Indian population outside India who are supposedly foreign nationals belonging to the country of their migration. When one speaks of an Indian diaspora, it indicates widely disparate elements from Indian subcontinent into an Indian community overseas-either in the neighbouring countries or far abroad. The question of Indianness of these diasporic Indians acquires a particular sentiment who are presumed to shed their regional, linguistic and ethnic identities in deference to the more general identity of being Indian. In other words, in the Indian diaspora, the usual phenomenon is that the plurality of India is condemned to disappear. This book notes several aspects of fragmented Indian population in the Asian and Pacific region. It throws light on the history of the migration of Indian population as well as takes note of their identity questions therein. It also highlights the cultural as well as socio-economic positions of these Indians abroad. The book will be of particular advantage to those interested in the diasporic studies.

288 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338352