Strategy, Implementation and Control

By Rajagopal

Marketing strategy is an approach in consonance with the goals of the company to be achieved. The strategies are formulated for short and long periods according to the goals which indicate what a company wants to achieve in a given environment and time frame. Strategic marketing also examines and analyzes the interaction and impact between each major discipline in order to provide applied managerial skills to implement the business plans effectively. This book imparts knowledge and skills for understanding the marketing environment and organizational players, analyzing their strategic business moves and developing appropriate marketing strategies for the clients and organizations. The applied concepts of strategic marketing have been introduced through case analysis with reference to functional issues like customer analysis, competitor analysis and company analysis. The specific learning objectives of the book are to improve understanding on making marketing decisions, analyze industrial marketing environment, develop competitive marketing strategies, develop skills in sales management and enhance know-how on implementation and control of the marketing strategies. In addition to the major cases discussed at the end of the chapters to provide applied orientation and realizing the learning objectives, there are many cases of the multinational companies discussed within the chapters to support major concepts and issues.The book will prove helpful to the graduate management students and corporate executives to refresh their skills and enhance their knowledge.

476 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2004
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170338093