Indian Sociology From Where to Where

Footnotes to the History of the Discipline

By Yogesh Atal

Indian Sociology: From Where to Where is a collection of essays written by a leading Indian sociologist during his long career as a teacher and research administrator, both in India and abroad. The reader will find, at one place, the writings of this seminal author on the growth and development of Indian sociology. These essays not only chronicle the developments in the discipline, but also put them in the perspective of sociology of sociology and in the context of Asian social science. Professor Atal had the unique opportunity of not only witnessing but also contributing to the development of social sciences in the region of Asia and the Pacific in his capacity as UNESCO's Regional Adviser for Social and Human Sciences. The volume will be invaluable for those interested in knowing about the history of Indian sociology

256 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170337607