Water Harvesting and Sustainable Supply in India

By R.N. Athavale

Water harvesting is a critical issue in India given the existing scarcity and water quality problems experienced practically all over the country. The pattern of endowment of water resources and the long term predictions of deficits on per capita availability in different rainfall zones point to the need to create new resources. The current publication by a well known expert in the field, is the first comprehensive treatise on the subject of water harvesting. It deals with traditional practices of rain and surface water harvesting as well as more recent ones like check dams. It describes in detail, the methods of analysis of hydrological data that are useful in designing these structures. The book presents the scientific basis, perspective and technical information required for water harvesting practices. The author analyses case histories of community water harvesting as practised in six areas in India. Innovative techniques like fog drip, artificial glaciers and adaptations to hilly regions and storage on sea surfaces are discussed. The author also suggests a common strategy for sustainable supply of potable water and changes in current water management practices through modifications in the National Water Policy. This book will be of interest and immense practical value to scientists, NGOs, government officials and community users.(Published in association with Centre for Environment Education, Ahmedabad)

239 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2003
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170337522