Fieldwork Training in Social Work

By I.S. Subhedar

Fieldwork is considered to be an integral part of social work education by all the schools of social work. It is a pity that the concept of fieldwork is presumed to be well-understood by all the schools. Manuals and prospectuses give descriptive statements about the importance of fieldwork without defining it. As it has turned out fieldwork, instead of being an integral part of social work education, has by and large, remained only as its peripheral activity. This book is a pioneering work, which would enable the teachers, students and social work practitioners to make use of theoretical knowledge in fieldwork. It will also help those in real-life situations requiring social intervention or assistance by individuals, groups or communities from a professional social worker, acquisition of skills in social work method through practice of theory, inculcation of appropriate attitudes and development of capacity for conceptualisation from practice. The book will prove to be an essential text for students, researchers, academicians and planners.

276 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170336457