Trends and Impact of Information Technology in Libraries

A Quality Paradigm of Excellence

By Rabindra Kumar Mahapatra, Ashok Kumar Sahu

The rapid advances in information technology, combined with accelerating developments in computer technology offer tremendous opportunities in the field of information management. These developments have made it possible for users to access a wide variety of electronic information resources across the globe easily, instantaneously, and economically. Worldwide libraries have been exploring new technologies for providing better and faster access to these vast information resources. Information technology has provided better solutions to achieve a greater level of efficiency, productivity, and excellence in libraries. Application of IT in libraries has become inevitable in an era of widespread use of digital information resources. The impact of information technology is enormous and global in its magnitude. It has become an integral part of all aspects of the library, and it has had a profound impact on library operations, information resources, services, skill requirements of the library staff and users expectations. Information technology has virtually unlimited potential for a variety of useful applications in libraries as it significantly contributes to the improved quality, increased productivity, efficient operations, better resource sharing, and more effective services to the users. This book will help library professionals to better understand how to implement information technology with appropriate planning. It will be a valuable resource for librarians, academics, professionals, students, and researchers. This book is for those libraries which are interested in modernizing their libraries to better provide quality library services to their users. [Subject: Library Science, Information Technology]

Publication Date: 10/25/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170008163