Redefining and Redesigning Beyond the Customary Craft

By Shiva Sukula

Librarianship, which involves a number of interrelated functions and activities, aims at serving the user population with knowledge and information. The multiple facets of librarianship are greatly influenced by the application of information and communications technologies (ICT). Acquisition, organization, storage and retrieval techniques have been modified and improved in light of new technologies. LIS professionals are expected to be well-versed with ICT tools. ICT can help libraries to develop a collaborative and participative environment that is necessary to develop user centric library services. Web technology has given libraries the opportunity to offer improved customer driven services to the user. Advancement in IT has made online connectivity easier and faster, helping libraries to share their knowledge resources in real-time. The content of this book provides immense input to library and information professionals to help them understand how newly emerging technologies can be applied in modernizing the services of the libraries. [Subject:?Library and Information Science]

Publication Date: 10/5/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170008057