Application of Information Technology in Libraries

By P. Venkata Ramana

Information Technology (IT) plays a vital role in today's global knowledge economy. It has proved to be a great boon for the modern society. The impact of IT is enormous and global in its magnitude, direction, pervasiveness, and usefulness. IT has become an integral part of all aspects of library management, profoundly affecting all library operations, information resources, services, staff skills requirement, and users' expectations. IT has virtually unlimited potential for a variety of useful applications in libraries, as it significantly contributes to improved quality, increased productivity, more efficient operations, better resource sharing, and more effective services to users. The success of a modern library is increasingly dependent on the most effective utilization and strategic management of innovative digital technologies in libraries. This book provides a brief overview of different components of IT. It covers the current trends in IT applications in libraries in India, as well as globally. The strategies for managing technological changes in libraries and the IT skills required for library professionals in managing libraries in digital environment are also discussed in detail.

382 pages

Publication Date: 7/25/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006985