ICT Based Library and Information Services

By Akhtar Hussain

Today is the information age and a tremendous flow of information is emerging in all fields throughout the world. As such, it has become very difficult to manage the information manually due to the exponential growth of literature. The problem of providing timely information is not due to lack of information, but the way in which it is handled to enable the user to fulfill his/her needs. The traditional way of information handling methods has become almost ineffective in providing the specific information of an individual's interest. To overcome this problem, libraries and learning resource centers need to change their attitude towards information handling. ICT-based information handling is a viable solution in this direction. Technological developments assist the libraries in providing extensive access to the variety of information sources and provide a way to enrich the teaching and learning environment. Accessibility to the required information at a fast rate is expected by users. This book deals with the application of ICT-based library and information services.

270 pages

Publication Date: 7/25/2013
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006947