E-Resources and Digital Services

By V.K.J. Jeevan

This book - based on research in India - will be essential reading for professionals in the field of Library and Information Science. The book examines the following topics: a step-by-step account of how effectively a library should deal with e-resources * the response towards open access by prominent scholarly publishers * how digital media can play a lead role in distance education * how the key services of India's DELNET can rescue geographically-dispersed, resource-starved, distance learners * an Indian case study on the crucial problem of price verification of books purchased in a library * research collaboration of teachers of library science, librarians, and library science students * how public libraries can be used effectively for spreading science awareness * the need of digital enabling of public libraries for empowering the citizens * possible applications of Dr. S.R. Ranganathan's research on digital libraries * a reflection on Prof. P.N. Kaula's legacy and professionalism * the recommendation that libraries should practice stock accountability rather than stock verification * some of the anomalies with respect to library positions in the aftermath of the adoption of the sixth pay commission regulations in India.

248 pages

Publication Date: 9/29/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006527