The School Library

An Educational Tool

By V.M. Mohanraj

In this book - based on research in India - author V.M. Mohanraj encourages the spirit of library research in school children. Mohanraj advocates library-centered teaching, where the school library is seen as an extension of the classroom, and examines two important topics: library ethics and discipline in the school library. Mohanraj discusses the methods of instilling library ethics in children, which can be done unobtrusively, when children are looking for source books in connection with research or for personal reading pleasure at home. He also points out that the ambience of formality that prevails in classrooms cannot be expected in the school library where the atmosphere is necessarily informal. Unlike teachers, the school librarian cannot afford to be a strict disciplinarian, but instead a friend and guide.

230 pages

Publication Date: 3/25/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006350