Development and Sustenance of Reading Habit

Woven Around the Nucleus of Ideas of Prof. K.S. Deshpande

By S. K. Savanur

This book covers the various aspects of developing and sustaining an active reading habit. Both diagnostic and remedial in its content, the book emphasizes that the habit of reading is a major factor leading to success and happiness in life. Based on research in India, the book observes that children love to read. But, as adolescence sets in, children turn away from their love for reading. Development and Sustenance of Reading Habit traces the reasons for reading apathy in adolescent children and gives practical tips for overcoming this indifference. The book suggests that scholastic reading and general reading need to be balanced and provides different reading methods/techniques for reading newspapers, textbooks, poetry, reference books, manuals, reports, proposals, etc. It presents a few techniques for developing comprehension and it looks at the role of various institutions - the education system, publishing, bookshops, public library system, etc. - in sustaining a good reading habit. The final section of the book explains that the internet and TV are not enemies of reading, but are viewed as different means of acquiring information/knowledge and that parents and teachers should surf the net with children, helping them to develop better reading habits.

150 pages

Publication Date: 3/25/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006329