Electronic Resource Management

What, Why and How

By Shiva Sukula

The revolution of information and technology has been sometimes compared with the Gutenberg revolution, when the printing press harnessed a mass delivery system to the medium of the written word. It is a good parallel to draw for the impact of the Internet, but it undervalues the other key feature of the interactive computer - its ability to adapt, according to a person's input, showing that it can be engaged with the knowledge process. The rapid advances in technology and knowledge revolution have made education a key to professional success, heightened by the importance of research and innovation. In this way, E-resources have already been made available across populations without any discrimination. E-resources have brought new possibilities to the classroom, yet, at the same time, they have placed more demands on teachers and researchers. This book provides a base for librarians, information officers, technologists, students, and researchers to find ideas that enable them to develop multinational and cross-institutional E-resource management systems, as well as to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and abilities with regard to the utilization of E-resources.

650 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006084