Knowledge and Information

Perspectives and Prospects

By G. J. Narayana

This comprehensive study on knowledge and information discusses the different perspectives of the field in the order of: Fundamentals covering the nature of knowledge, information, wisdom, ignorance, data and their relationships; organizing, communicating, and transferring of knowledge; important characteristics of knowledge, information, and their effects; and cognitive processes which guide our thinking and actions. * Dimensions including time, space, change, and their effects on knowledge and society; specialist's view of the origin and nature of knowledge and information, as reflected in philosophy, biology, physical sciences, and sociology. * Domains dealing with social knowledge; science, technology, and society; and economics (information as resource, as a commodity, as a factor of production, and as economic signals). * Access and service detailing information users' profile and information processes; libraries and the Internet; and knowledge management showing how these fulfill the objectives of providing access to knowledge and information. * The role of knowledge and information in establishing a knowledge society.

647 pages

Publication Date: 9/25/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170006077