Scientific Repair and Rehabilitation of Books

By N. N. Sarkar

The issue of the repair and rehabilitation of books is not always taken seriously, even with today's modern technology in binding. Book menders and binders do not seem to be concerned about durability of binding. Preservative materials of inferior quality are often used. Various methods of repairing and binding have their pros and cons, depending on the condition of the documents. The repair and rehabilitation of a document in its original format is more durable and useful, when compared to the alternative of digitization. More over, physical conservation is essential, even if digitization should be considered in the future. This book discusses the different methods of binding, and it examines a variety of problems. Scientific Repair and Rehabilitation of Books is a textbook, as well as workshop manual, where large number of diagrams and illustrations are incorporated. The author raises many vital questions and suggests remedies regarding the preservation of books and documents in a library.

334 pages

Publication Date: 8/25/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170005742