IT Applications for TQM and Library Marketing

By K.C. Dabas

This book shall be of immense use as a reference tool for all librarians, information scientists, students of library science, and information professionals. It discusses many of the new and relevant information technology (IT) issues being faced by librarians and information scientists today, such as: the information/knowledge society . the development of library management techniques in the light of automation . information access . the genesis of the Internet and its capabilities, benefits, and resources . networking libraries . the evolution of Intranet and its applications and benefits . the general philosophy of the evolution of CD-ROM networking and its requirements and benefits . DVD-ROM network and networking non-CD-ROM/DVD optical storage solutions . appropriate technology for qualitative and sustainable librarianship . Library Computer Network security . library network setup for data availability, confidentiality, and data integrity . digital collections . e-publishing . e-documents and e-book . the digital initiatives in management of a library. All these topics are discussed in detail while presenting their resultant impact on total quality management (TQM) and marketing of library and information services.

243 pages

Publication Date: 10/17/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170005476