Information Technology

Bridge to the Wired Virtuality

By Shiva Sukula

Information Technology (IT), as a discipline, has witnessed fundamental changes, allowing information seekers around the globe to have access to information which was inaccessible two decades ago. Progress in IT continues at a superexponential growth rate. The progress has come about through improvements of existing technologies, as well as the discovery of new ways of doing things. It is a constant challenge in this discipline to stay abreast of the far-reaching effects of this worldwide expansion, and to be able to develop and deliver more innovative methodologies and techniques utilizing new technological innovation. This book provides a comprehensive in-depth look at IT. It is a reference source on conceptual, methodological, technical, and managerial issues, and it looks at the opportunities, future challenges, and emerging trends related to global IT. Topics of discussion include computers, software, programming, library automation, digital libraries, the internet, the library network, metadata, artificial intelligence, data mining, and expert systems. The diverse and comprehensive coverage of IT will contribute to a better understanding of all topics, research, and discoveries in this developing, significant field of study.

419 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788170005353