Military Psychology and Leadership Development

Edited by: Lt. Col. Dr. Samir Rawat

It is perhaps for the first time ever that a book on military psychology and leadership development has been written by eminent military psychologists from as many as sixteen countries. Many of these practising military psychologists have themselves donned the uniform, serving their own military, as well as UN and NATO, in diverse operational environments such as Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Haiti, Kosovo, Slovenia, Somalia, and India. This book offers a good understanding of various concepts in the field of military psychology and leadership development, be it in the context of hardiness as a construct in the human resource cycle, the use of coping resources, and the development and management of extreme forms of unwanted stress. Other interesting themes included here cover concepts of altruism, emotional intelligence, disaster management, leadership development and motivation, human factor engineering in operations, psychology of warfare, and diplomatic psychology. A very interesting, yet overlooked topic, is the role of military families in the Armed Forces, which brings to light the contribution and sacrifices being made by this neglected population-the military spouse. The book is designed, not only for psychology students and practitioners, but also for leaders seeking knowledge in the field of military psychology and leadership development. [Subject: Military Studies, Military Psychology, Politics]

Publication Date: 11/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131609088