Entrepreneurship and Social Capital

Relationships and Start-ups in Indian ICT Industry

By Anirban Sengupta

In recent years, India has established its identity in the globalized world as a significant provider of services in the area of information and communication technology. While the fame has primarily come with development of large and respected Indian enterprises operating worldwide, what has widened the scope of this development is the extensive growth of small and medium entrepreneurship in this sector. Contrary to various other industries in India, community influences are still unclear there. However, this does not mean that relationships play no role in the operation of this industry. Instead, the idea of a relationship has new meaning. This book is an attempt to understand sociologically the experience of information and communications technology (ICT) entrepreneurs in starting up and running new enterprises. Based on rich qualitative data collected from founders of small and medium enterprises situated in different Indian cities, this book attempts to understand entrepreneurship using the framework of social capital. Primarily aimed at an academic audience, this book will also be useful for civil society organizations and policy makers attempting to understand and promote entrepreneurship. [Subject: South Asian Studies, Information & Communications Technology, Economics, Sociology]

Publication Date: 1/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607879

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