Marriage and Family in India

Trends and Emerging Challenges

Edited by: Jasmeet Sandhu

Marriage and family are the two most basic and resilient institutions of society which are undergoing change to accommodate the changing needs and demands of society. Even though marriage and family have been studied extensively by sociologists, social anthropologists, and demographers, not much has been studied from the family demography perspective. Socio-economic, demographic, and technological changes have altered the reproductive behaviour and family formation, hence family demography is an important perspective for analyzing family change. Keeping all these issues in the forefront, the present anthology tries to answer important questions such as: what kind of changes are taking place in the institution of marriage; how important is marriage for the new generations; and what are their views concerning various aspects of marriage? Here, an effort has been made to understand the changes in the process of family formation in India. Though some changes in marriage practices can be seen, unlike the western societies the significance of marriage for family formation has not undergone change in India. In the future, both marriage and family will experience fresh challenges and will undergo further transformation and change. It remains to be seen as to how 'gender and sexual revolutions' will affect family and marriage in the diverse Indian society. [Subject:?India Studies, Sociology, Anthropology]

Publication Date: 9/2/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607756

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