Women, Media and Violence

Edited by: Vidya Jain, Rashmi Jain

In patriarchal societies all over the world women experience subordination on a daily basis regardless of the class to which they belong. Women have been treated as the 'other' who required subordination, control, and differential treatment. Whether it is economic security, food security, health security, personal or political security, women and young girls are affected in very specific ways due to their physical, emotional, and material differences, and also due to the important social, economic, and political inequalities existing between women and men. Despite constitutional provisions and affirmative action by the government to bring in gender equality, women still face many challenges. The recent spate of violence and rapes provoking widespread public outrage and unprecedented protests has led to a serious debate over the strategies and approaches that need to evolve to counteract threats towards the safety of women. The included essays attempt to analyze and understand the myriad of issues concerning women in contemporary society. Some of the articles offer media and literary reflections on gender issues. This book will be useful for scholars interested in gender and media studies. [Subject: Gender Studies, India Studies, Sociology, Media Studies]

Publication Date: 9/2/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607657