Medical Sociology

By M. Thamilarasan

Medical Sociology is a specialized field in sociology. It is the deeper study of sicknesses and diseases, the treatment and reaction of society towards the sick, and the study of human interaction and interrelations. This book provides an extensive study of health and health-related decisions in a society, finding root causes and individual and cultural solutions to health problems. It centers around the view of health and health related issues with the human welfare in mind. Included here are twenty chapters with many of these topics covered, including: an introduction to medical sociology; health; society and education; preventive and protective hygienic habits; ageing; infectious and physical deficient diseases; social epidemiology; occupational diseases; health professionals and health care organizations; health planning in India; reproductive rights of women; medical ethics and law in India; first aid and disaster health care management; and more. As a whole, the book serves the needs of students, research scholars and faculties of sociology, anthropology, social work, nursing, public health, occupational health, medicine, social policy, economics, disaster management, and all those concerned with health issues. [Subject: Health, Sociology, Medical Sociology, Asian Studies]

Publication Date: 3/4/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607558

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