Indian and World Geography

Physical, Social and Economic

By H.M. Saxena

In India, a thorough knowledge of geography of the country (as well as that of the world) is a basic requirement for all the competitive examinations in the country, including the Preliminary Examinations for Civil Services. Realizing the need, this book has been designed to provide an understanding of the geography of India and the world. The book's geographical topics fall under the following main heads: Physical [physiography, drainage, climate, natural vegetation, biodiversity, and soils] * Social [language, religion, tribes, and demographic structure] * Economic [agriculture, livestock, mineral and power resources, industries, transportation, and trade]. A large number of multiple choice questions have provided on each topic, which will be very useful to the students in their preparation for competitive examinations. Besides students of geography, the book will interest all those wishing to gather basic geographical knowledge of the world and of India. [Subject: India Studies, Geography]

Publication Date: 3/4/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607435

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