Social Work in Health and Ageing

Global Perspectives

Edited by: Barbara Berkman, K.L. Sharma, Daniel B. Kaplan

In light of alarming predictions of the difficulties the world will face due to population ageing, and with experts across the globe highlighting the benefits of interdisciplinary practice and multidisciplinary considerations for health and ageing, this book is both timely and telling. The fields of healthcare, ageing, and social work are often treated as discrete entities, while all social workers deal with issues of health and ageing on a daily basis regardless of practice specialization. The book contains contributions by experienced and prominent scholars of gerontology. It provides social workers with knowledge of evidence-based practice guidelines for effectively assessing and treating older adults and supporting their families. The book paints a rich portrait of a variety of populations that social workers serve, followed by detailed recommendations of best practices for an array of physical and mental health conditions. [Subject: Social Work, Gerontology, Healthcare]

Publication Date: 8/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607268