Crises of Social Transformation in India

Edited by: S.R. Ahlawat, Neerja Ahlawat

India's path of development is passing through a rapid social upheaval. The first three decades after independence were focused on the policy of infrastructure building. The State was the biggest partner in the process of social transformation until the 1980s. Then, the era of globalization experienced fast economic reforms where the State started shirking its role of development and left the job in the hands of private partners. Additionally, non-governmental organizations started dominating the processes of development. This volume addresses some important questions: In which direction is Indian society transforming? What is the role of the State in bringing about social transformation? Which are the dominant forces that set direction for social transformation? Who are the gainers and losers of development in the era of globalization? What stresses and strains has the process created in Indian society? The book provides an understanding of the concerns and offers grassroot level information through empirical investigations of social transformation across various regions of India. [Subject: India Studies, Sociology, Development Studies]

Publication Date: 8/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607107