Contemporary Indian Diaspora

Literary and Cultural Representations

Edited by: Angshuman Kar

This book maps the new formations in the Indian diaspora by considering its literary and cultural representations. It examines how contemporary Indian diaspora literature(s) and films produced in the last 20 years have tried to negotiate the changing experiences of the Indian diaspora communities across the globe. The book studies how Indian diaspora writers/ film makers have been negotiating issues like inter/intra-community diasporic interactions and the transformation of the relationships between the host country and the Indian diaspora communities due to changes in the nature of capital flow, transnational trade, and globalization. It also looks at the responses of these writers/film makers to the changes in the immigration policies of the host countries in the face of terrorist threats. In so doing, the book examines how far the representations of the hostland and the homeland by the contemporary Indian diaspora writers/film makers are mediated by certain factors relating to the production and consumption of Indian diaspora literature/films. [Subject: India Studies, Diaspora Studies, Literary Criticism, Film Studies]

Publication Date: 8/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607084

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