Gender in the Market Economy

Edited by: Sudeshna Mukherjee

This book examines how patriarchal hegemonic forces have structured gender-based exploitations in India's globalized capitalist market. In spite of an expansion of goods and services for the middle and upper middle class under the ~country's market-driven capitalist economy, this same economy has failed miserably to address the challenges faced by the disadvantaged populations of the country. Women particularly are the victims of both capitalist commodification and patriarchal subjugation. Since economic transactions occur against a geographically and culturally specific web of social histories, as well as institutional arrangements and rules, the book explores commodification of gender by the global market economy in many unexplored areas, such as social care, marriage, vaccination, children's mental health, reproductive technologies, and so on. By exploiting cheap labor, the market economy may have expanded women's economic participation, however it has failed to liberate them from their oppressive gender roles and class character. The book argues how women are systematically more disadvantaged then men in various dimensions. [Subject: India Studies, Economics, Women's Studies, Gender Studies, Development Studies]

Publication Date: 11/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131607053

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