Decentralizing Rural Governance and Development

Perspectives, Ideas and Experiences

Edited by: Anil Kumar Jana

Decentralization, for local governance and development, is not only an institutional arrangement to be viewed simply from the perspective of public administration or to be confined exclusively to the domain of policy makers. It is something more. It is an ideology and a way of formulating and implementing policy decisions in public spheres and, as such, includes a variety of perspectives and aspects. Thus, decentralizing rural governance and development is viewed in this volume, not simply in terms of constitutionalizing and revamping the local level arrangements, but in premises of diverse ideas and experiments originating in the society. Based on research conducted in India, the book's contributors are experts, academics, and development professionals. The common thread highlights the thesis that the amendments, backed by an interplay of diverse socio-political forces, have made changes in the 'oceanic circle' of Indian society that are capable of ushering in a great beginning in the politics of inclusion. Indeed, a process of churning has begun in the democratic power structure of India to provide a legitimate share for millions.

Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606810

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