Anthropology & Health Issues

Edited by: Buddhadeb Chaudhuri, Subir Biswas

It has been frequently reported by medical practitioners and public health workers that oftentimes people do not utilize the medical and preventive facilities that are available to them. Social and economic factors are generally accepted as highly important in the multiple causation of disease. Therefore, health workers must come to understand such factors if they are to deal effectively with both primary prevention and cure of disease, as well as other health disorders. Urbanization and changing environmental situations have also created various health problems. One cannot deny the various health hazards associated with different jobs. These are emerging health challenges based on changing socio-cultural and economic situations. Additionally, the knowledge and documentation of traditional medicine is equally important. Such issues are examined in this present volume, based on research conducted in India. The book's well-researched essays cover a wide range of issues related to health. It is divided into three sections, dealing with 'Health Issues and Human Rights,' 'Occupation and Health: The Challenges,' and 'Changing Health Scenario: Opportunities and Challenges.'

Publication Date: 11/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606698

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