Tribal Women

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Edited by: S.N. Chaudhary

In India, the social status of tribal women is heterogeneous. It differs regionally and among the tribes as well. In spite of several legal safeguards and the implementation of various development programs, tribal women continue to suffer from oppression, exploitation, and discrimination in different walks of life. This book takes stock of the status of tribal women who live in different regions of India. It also covers factors and conditions responsible for the changing status of tribal women. Some of the pertinent concerns that are addressed in the book include: how to educate tribal women and make them aware of their basic rights and claims * how to formulate policies/schemes and implement them * how to address the issue of a widening gap between the aspiration and accomplishment of tribal women * how to sensitize the forces of globalization that operate at the village level in favor of tribal women * how to strengthen government programs in the broader interest of tribal women. [Subject: India Studies, Sociology, Women's Studies]

Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606650