Urbanization and Religious Tolerance

Study of Hindu-Muslim Interactions in Varanasi

By Anupama Pandey

This study analyzes the social reciprocity and religious tolerance between Hindu and Muslim communities in India, with regard to modernization and its impact in an urban setting. The book explores the nature of religious, social, economic, and occupational adoption between the communities. It further explains the extent to which Hindus have adopted the beliefs and traditions of Muslims, and Muslim communities have adopted from the religious traditions, rituals, and beliefs of Hindus in their social and occupational life. The empirical survey was conducted in India's city of Varanasi, which is a peculiar blend of tradition and modernity. It has a specific confluence of inter-religious interaction and denotes a strong socio-cultural solidarity in the urban social structure. The conflict and riots in the city are rare and, if they happen, they are caused or incited by some change-mongering politicians or a misguided section of citizens.

Publication Date: 11/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788131606643

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